"You will hear a song, and it will rest in the back of your throat, making a knot that will hold fast. You’ll feel the hot streaks of tears coming down your face, reminding you of a moment in time when you were in love. The crisp autumn air filling your lungs, the joy of endless possibilities that occupied your thoughts and heart; it all comes crashing down again, as you listen to the melody of a song that once meant something wonderful. It hurts, but you repeat it again and again, hoping that it becomes a happy tune to you once more; because you loved that song, and you don’t want to lose that as well."
- T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25 (via tblaberge)

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"Praise Him in every season. Whether a whisper of thanksgiving, a lifting of your weary hands or a song you sing through the tears; He is with You and will never reject your praise."
- Marc Phun (via marcphun)

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stop speaking.
be still. 
silence is not a sad metaphor.
embrace it for what it is, a 
quiet comfort.

realize: life is
life and pain is
pain. and sometimes
they go hand in 

think of how many times
you breathed today and
how many times you 
if you must,
bite your lips until
you bleed to remind
yourself you’re not dying.
you may be weak
but does God let go
of the weary? 

be still. 
be silent.

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